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Most common types of personal injury cases in Texas

The most common personal injury claims across the United States arise from car accidents. This should be no surprise considering that most adults own and drive at least one vehicle. In many cities, it‘s not uncommon to have thousands of vehicles on the roadway at any given time. This is the same in Texas. In

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Austin, Texas is one of the quickest-growing cities in the United States. As more and more new residents move to Austin, the city has to update its infrastructure to keep up with the ever-increasing demand on its roadways. Updates to infrastructure means lots of construction zones, which can be dangerous for drivers and construction workers.

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Driving While Texting

Texting while driving has become a pervasive problem in the United States. Motorists who use cell phones while operating a motor vehicle have a higher risk of involvement in an accident than drivers who don’t, whether holding the phone or using a hands-free device. Texas law enforcement authorities reported that as many as 1/5 of

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