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If you’ve been injured by the fault of someone else, you likely know that you are entitled to some compensation – but do you know just how much your case could be worth? Trust The law offices of RRK who have partnered with Christensen Law Firm, PLLC to examine your case and set a real expectation for your personal injury claim. You may be surprised by how much your case could be worth.

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  • Auto accidents
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  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death

If an injury has caused you pain and suffering, loss of income, or otherwise altered your life in a negative way, ask yourself if somebody else may be at fault. If so, The Law Offices of RRK located in Austin, TX can help you get what you deserve.

When you sustain injuries during accidents with someone at fault, it’s recommended that you file for a personal injury claim. But do you know how much your case is worth? This is the reason why you need the best personal injury lawyer Austin, TX.

The facts and circumstances of your case can affect the claim. At this point, you need legal help to win financial compensation from the person at fault. Take note that both the person and the insurance company may hinder your claims. A lawyer knowledgeable of your case will prevent this from happening.

Reasons why you need a lawyer

Each personal injury case is unique. And if you’re wondering if you still need the help of a lawyer, here are some of the situations where an attorney may actually save your case.

Stalemate with the insurance company

Some insurance companies may try to stall your claim by evading facts and evidence. This is where the role of a lawyer becomes indispensable. If the insurer tries to deny you a settlement, the personal injury lawyer will be there to defend you.

This is much more important if you think your case is a high-value one. If you’re willing to give a fight and not settle for a token, you should hire the best personal injury lawyers Austin TX.

Your case is getting out of hand

If you think you can’t handle your case alone, it’s a default to hire a lawyer. The legal technicalities of the case can get too much to handle at some point. Giving up and settling for a small claim may not always be a wise choice. It’s best to hire a lawyer to increase your odds of landing better compensation.

Also, cases may blow out of proportion if the person involved is high-profile. To protect your interests, it’s best to have legal guidance.

Claim or coverage denial

In cases where the insurance company denies your personal injury claim entirely, a lawyer will be your go-to person to have your case reviewed. Each policy may have different interpretations and it’s a lawyer’s job to have it work to your advantage.

If the insurer denies your legitimate claim multiple times, you should seek the help of an attorney to elevate your concern to the higher ranks of the insurance company.

The person at fault is denying liability

This happens in a lot of accidents. You are injured and the person at fault tries to evade compensation by denying his or her liability. The insurance company may also do the same to save money. But once you tone down your resistance, they will try to give you a very meager settlement.

If you believe the person at fault should pay a larger price, Austin personal injury law firms can help you out. We have the experience that have won countless personal injury cases.

Do you have an ongoing personal injury case? Austin personal injury law firms are here to help you out. Never shy away from the legal expertise of lawyers. Contact us at the Law Offices of Robert R. Kiesling today.