Separation & Divorce Law in Austin, TX

Entering the divorce process well informed and with a dependable divorce attorney at your back will help ensure it proceeds as smoothly as possible.

If you are contemplating divorce or have been served divorce papers by your spouse, having an experienced Texas divorce lawyer on your side will make the process easier and more comfortable. There are many different parts of divorce and many pitfalls. You need to make sure that your rights and interests are protected by a professional divorce attorney who can defend your case at trial and negotiate agreements to pursue the best possible result.

Identifying & Achieving Your Divorce Goals

Divorce will include many difficult decisions, strict financial management, compromises and aggressive strategies to achieve your goals. Our divorce attorney can help you achieve your goals in all aspects of your divorce by protecting your legal rights and developing a strategy that protects your interests.

We Will Work To Identify And Address Such Divorce-related Goals As:

1. Child custody and visitation: Custody and visitation are determined by what is in the child’s best interests. The courts look at a number of different factors to make this determination, and you need a talented divorce attorney to advocate for your children.

2. Child support: Child support is determined by a formula that considers both parents’ incomes, as well as other factors. We will help you balance child support payments with your other divorce agreements and handle enforcement issues if issues arise after divorce.

3. Equitable property distribution: Your property requests must be filed before your divorce is granted, or you may lose some rights to certain property. Both assets and debts will be divided fairly in divorce. Issues concerning retirement benefits, business valuation, inheritance, and other investments are always addressed in high net worth divorce but could be part of any divorce case.

4. Spousal support (alimony): You must also request alimony before the divorce is granted, or you may lose your right to request alimony in the future.

Filing For Divorce In Austin, Tx:

Many people claim that they’re knowledgeable about family law. The fact is that family law varies widely from state to state, which means that one state handles the divorce process differently from another state. Therefore, one person’s familiarity with a certain divorce law may only be applicable to another state and not be applicable in the state of Texas.

In order to begin the divorce process, one party, known as the petitioner, will be required to file an Original Petition for Divorce in the appropriate county. Requirements state that you must be a resident of our state for at least 6 months and have lived in the county where you will be filing for at least 90 days before submitting the paperwork.